Air travel has become a mass phenomenon but that doesn’t mean you should look like the masses. Looking too comfortable doesn’t have to be the norm despite the extensive security screening and the rise of low-cost carriers. There are ways to look composed yet comfortable in the age of sweatpants.

On my recent trip to Singapore I visited a number of shops and met with owners / managers as well as the occasional night out. This meant being casually dressed up most of the time. I made sure to wear clothes that were lightweight, fit comfortably and yet easy to dress up or down as the occasion required. It should also be comfortable for walking around in the tropical heat.

At One Altitude in Singapore

For shirts I made sure they were thin so they would be cool to wear. They have button-down collars so they look proper when worn with a sport coat but without a tie. (Collars that collapse under the jacket don’t look nice). I packed a few polo shirts for days when we’d be outside the malls. I wore cotton chinos with a straight fit. It’s perfect when you have limited space to move (on the plane) and also for walking long periods. I always wear a sport coat when flying because all those pockets come in handy for carrying travel documents and a pen. On this trip I wore a linen houndstooth sport coat. For shoes I wore loafers and packed a pair of canvas sneakers.

Sport coat by Massimo Dutti. Shirt by GANT. Chinos by Dockers. Loafers by Gibi.