The Rules of Men’s Jewelry (Wall Street Journal)
“Another badge that has become more of a style statement is the lapel pin. In the form of an American flag, it is de rigueur among politicians. But luxury labels have embraced pins as well. Several years ago, Italian brand Isaia created a mini-craze for the coral-shaped lapel pins that come with its jackets. And fashion houses that once tacked lapel pins onto suits as a bit of runway-only styling are now selling the accessories in stores. This spring, Louis Vuitton is offering pins shaped like pretzels and marijuana roach clips while Saint Laurent is selling one that looks like a surfer shooting the curl.”

How to Navigate Tokyo, the Greatest Shopping City on Earth (GQ)
“It’s no secret that Tokyo is packed with cutting-edge fashion and high-design gear, but good luck finding it all without a guide. That’s why whenever we go, we call up designer Steven Alan, who’s been scouting the city for twenty-five years—and now he’s sharing his favorite Tokyo haunts with you. Our advice? Bring an extra suitcase.”

Jazz Icons (Mr. Porter)
“The great classic jazz musicians were very conscious and reflective about the way they dressed, not only because it was an outward sign of success, but because they knew they were cultural heroes. They represented elegance, skill and creativity in their attitude and deportment as well as their technical virtuosity. Some of these musicians dressed so distinctively, they influenced fashions for generations of young men, creating a style legacy almost as important as their musical one. Click through the slides, above, to see eight men who set the tone of the era.”

The Beginner’s Guide to Bespoke: Shirts (Esquire UK)
“The difference between a shirt that’s made to fit you, and a shirt that’s made to fit some hypothetical average that doesn’t really exist at all, is sufficiently palpable to ensure that most men who try bespoke are usually extremely reluctant to return to ready-to-wear ever again. It’s the difference between wearing your shirt and another man’s shirt.”

The Foundation of a Good Necktie Wardrobe (Put This On)
“But for a solid foundation in your neckwear wardrobe, I’ve found solid-colored, textured neckties, along with regimentals, to be the best. I’d suggest getting them in various materials and colors before you expand too far elsewhere.”