Dee Poon Explores the Perfect Men’s Shirt with PYE (The Wanderlister)
“While introducing us to the range of shirts, she stressed how important it was for her brand to guarantee everything from the cotton’s quality blend, engineering, and easy care stylings as well as knowing the source of the cotton itself. She can vouch for the source of her cotton, because her main company, the Esquel Group, a leading global apparel and textile manufacturer, owns the the cotton farms that produce the material for all her shirts.”

If I Could Speak To My Younger Self (Put This On)
“In my time as a man interested in men’s clothing and style, I’ve made many mistakes, some of them very expensive. If I could speak to my younger self, I would give the following advice. Note, I don’t pretend these are universal truisms, but from my experience building a wardrobe, and seeing others go along the same path, I think these are more often true than not. So, if you’re just starting out, perhaps you will find these useful.”

Massimo Dutti – Personal Tailoring Part 2: The Fitting (Men’s Flair)
“Cutting to the chase, the big question is, how does it square up to a traditional tailor’s product?

In all honesty, pretty well. Beyond the most fundamental point – the fit (which isn’t perfect) – the easy details on the suit are all there; buttonhole with raised stitching, working cuffs. It is a valiant effort, and, considering the price, excellent value. It feels like a made-to-measure suit and fulfils all of the promises which Massimo Dutti Personal Tailoring makes, which is the most crucial thing.”

Emanuel Berg bespoke shirt service (The Rake)
“Fabric, shape and proportion — those are the most crucial elements of a shirt. It’s no different from a jacket in that respect, actually. And, much in the same way that the shoulder is one of the most immediately distinctive aspects of a jacket, the collar is the ambassador of the shirt — it tells you everything about the piece and its owner. It means a lot to an elegant man that his suit jacket is hand-canvassed, instead of just fused, but it takes a truly exceptional man to demand a shirt collar that is hand-canvassed as well. It’s a small detail, but it’s important in keeping the shape of the collar even after prolonged use, preventing it from going floppy like most shirts on men all over the world today.”