Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO’s AIRism line has been around for quite a while (used to be under the name Silky Dry for men and Sarafine for women). I’ve heard good things about it so I thought I’d give it a try.

Sometimes when I know I’ll be doing some walking I wear a t-shirt underneath my dress shirt to keep things looking neat on the outside. It works but pure cotton t-shirts become soggy when one sweats a lot and takes a long time to dry up. Also these t-shirts don’t hug the body and are quite thick even though they’re designed to be used as underwear so they bulk up a little bit. With this in mind I take a closer look at AIRism.


The label says that it’s composed of 87% polyester and 13% spandex. I’m generally not in favor of synthetic fabrics but AIRism has completely changed the way I think about them. The first thing you’ll notice when you put it on is that it doesn’t feel scratchy or hot the way synthetics usually do. The fabric is thin and lightweight – a huge plus over pure cotton t-shirts.

After a while you won’t notice you have one on. The spandex allows it to stretch and mold to your body without restricting movement. Some people with pronounced shoulders/chests or those that want it less tight might need to size up.

Another advantage of AIRism is that it wicks away sweat from your body and dries it quickly. It doesn’t stay soggy like pure cotton and feels refreshing throughout the entire day.

If you want to look like you didn’t perspire on the way to the office I highly recommend UNIQLO’s AIRism t-shirts. PHP 590 each. Also comes in round neck and sleeveless.

UNIQLO is located at SM Mall of Asia.