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Singapore is a city known for its shorts and flip-flop loving population but tucked away in the Muslim quarter of Kampong Glam is a shop dedicated to all things workwear. Tuckshop and Sundry Supplies specialises in denim carrying brands such as Iron Heart, Red Cloud, Rising Sun and Railcar Fine Goods. Their choice of products lean towards the enthusiast who prefer jeans with a wider leg. Men looking to clothe their wives and girlfriends will be happy to know that this shop stocks Railcar Fine Goods’ line of selvedge jeans for women. Aside from jeans they also carry tees and shirts from the brands mentioned before.

To complete the workwear look they carry shoes and boots by Red Wing and Oak Street Bootmakers. Engineer, Iron Ranger and Moc Toes make up their stock of Red Wing. Oak Street Bootmakers is not a brand you hear often but I see them gaining more popularity recently. They make great-looking shoes and you can tell they will last for a long time. Tuckshop and Sundry Supplies carries the recently released Trench collection made with Natural Horween Chromexcel leather. They also carry the beefroll penny loafer for those looking for a more casual and relaxed pair of shoes.

During our visit my girlfriend was looking to buy a gift for her dad and wanted to give him a natural leather belt. They didn’t have the size she was looking for so James Dung, one of the head honchos, offered to make us a custom belt. We were led up to their workshop on the third floor (the shop is located on the second floor) where they repair clothing as well as hand make leather goods under the brand Obbi Good Label. He proceeded to cut up a long strip of leather to the requested length, attach the buckle and stamp it with their logo. He walked us through every step of the process and explained how to care for it much to the delight of my girlfriend. For the final touch James wrapped it in a brown paper bag, punched holes through it and tied a leather lace.

Rounding out their lineup of products are frames from Tart Optical (made popular by Johnny Depp) and pomades from Imperial and Suavecito. I’ve been looking to buy a pomade by Imperial but balked at buying from the US because I wasn’t sure what using it would be like. James steered me to consider Suavecito but didn’t like it because it looked dark and somewhat greasy. I wanted something that was clear, with a high hold strength yet did not make my hair too hard like the drugstore brand I was using. I asked if one of the guys running the store was using the classic pomade and luckily there was one guy who was and I liked how it looked. I was still undecided so my girlfriend made the decision and bought me the classic pomade as a gift. Sweet.

As a parting gift James gave me one of their zipper keyholders made with Horween Chromexcel leather in Blue Cavalier. It has a brass D-ring, YKK zipper and six key rings. It’s sturdily built and not just look the part and I know it will age beautifully over time. I had a great time chatting away the evening with James and his crew. They’re a great bunch who knows their stuff so newbies who pop in to the store will come out more knowledgeable than when they went in. If you’re a fan of workwear clothing or want to pique your curiosity head on over to Tuckshop and Sundry Supplies.

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36A Kandahar St.
Phone: +65 6396 4568