Air travel isn’t what it used to be. Pilots no longer wear jackets. Stewardesses are now called flight attendants and have added men to their once female-only ranks. The space between seats have gotten smaller. And travelers are dressing down more than ever. Before the era of low cost carriers traveling was an elegant affair.

These days people wear anything on a flight. You’ll see everything from shorts, slippers, pajamas to track pants. While they are deemed comfortable by the majority they are also inelegant and not suited for the sometimes harsh air conditioning and limited space. So how does one dress in a comfortable yet elegant way for a flight?

The answer lies in choosing clothes that fit well but are not tight so they are comfortable. My choice of trousers are a pair of soft khaki chinos that are slightly loose. On top I wear a plain, oxford or gingham long-sleeved shirt. If it gets too cold I put on my cardigan. A navy cardigan always looks great with khaki chinos. You can eschew the neckwear but I think it’s a nice touch. If you do wear a tie make sure it’s silk knit to give you a casually dressed up look. For footwear I like to wear my brogues but loafers are a good alternative for dealing with aviation security that require shoes to be removed. And don’t forget the socks. You don’t want your ankles to freeze.

Chinos from Banana Republic. Poplin shirt from GAP. Cardigan from Uniqlo. Sorley silk knit tie from The Armoury. Brogues from Sarar from Adora.