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Felipe and Sons Barberdashery is the newest establishment in Manila that brings together a barber shop and haberdasher under one roof. Marco, one of the partners behind the capital’s latest “man cave”, invited me to try their “Luxury Shave”. I take my shaving routine seriously so when I heard about this offering I wanted to experience it for myself. Now this is not your average early morning shave that takes less than 10 minutes to finish. The Luxury Shave takes at least 60 minutes to complete and is equal parts pampering and shaving.

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It starts with the examination of the facial hair and, if necessary, the trimming of the beard. A hot towel is then wrapped around the face and a facial cleanser is applied to cleanse the skin and facial hair. A second hot towel is then used to remove the facial cleanser. Now that the pores of the skin have opened up a pre-shave oil and moisturizer is applied. The former makes the razor glide smoothly and the latter keeps the skin protected. Both are necessary steps to prevent razor burn.

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After the products are absorbed by the skin, shaving cream is applied and right after that the first pass of the razor. They use different kinds of blades depending on the type of facial hair identified prior to the shave. A third hot towel is used to prepare the skin for the second pass and another round of pre-shave oil and moisturizer. After the second pass a fourth hot towel is wrapped around but this time it contains a few drops of eucalyptus mint oil.

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The whole process doesn’t stop right after the shave. A seaweed mask is applied to soothe the skin for 15 minutes while the barber gives you an upper body massage. After the massage the mask is removed and a cold towel is wrapped around the face to close the pores. As a final touch a cooling after shave balm is applied to refresh and moisturize the skin. After your luxury shave you can choose to stay a while and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, beer or liquor. I chose to have a shot of Don Papa Rum.

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The Luxury Shave elevates what is considered a chore by many into a hedonistic experience. The multiple hot towels put you in a state of relaxation while the massage energizes the upper body. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and let someone else do the shaving for you. And it’s good to know that one can always come to Felipe and Sons Barberdashery because they do it right.

Luxury Shave, Php 800.

Mezzanine A, LPL Mansion, 122 San Agustin St.,
Makati City, NCR
Phone: +63 2 949 7703