SWIMS Overshoes-002-2

Shoes are always the worst-hit in my wardrobe during the rainy season. I commute and walk to the office so contact with water is inevitable. When shoes are exposed to water for a long period of time it is eventually absorbed by the leather even though I’ve applied waterproofing sprays and substances such as wax and dubbin. I have been looking for a solution to help me address this problem and it is in the form of galoshes; specifically SWIMS galoshes.

SWIMS Overshoes-004

SWIMS galoshes were designed in Oslo, Norway, a city that experiences 113 rain-days per year. As with many products coming out of Scandinavia, SWIMS galoshes deliver in all aspects: design, construction, and functionality. They are easy to slip on and off yet the inner lining holds on to shoes and enhances the shine. It grips wet surfaces so you don’t accidentally slip while walking; something that happens quite often when using leather-soled shoes. Its heels absorb shock and the rubber is waterproof. It comes in four sizes and can accommodate a wide variety of classic shoe styles.

SWIMS Overshoes-013

It sounds good and all but an accessory such as this is not meant to provide total protection. SWIMS galoshes are great during periods of light to moderate rain. During a downpour it won’t work well because the water will probably be a few inches deep. And obviously it will not be effective at all in a flooded area. Much better to just stay put than risk ruining your shoes.

SWIMS galoshes come in a variety of colors but retailers in the Philippines only carry black, brown and blue. I chose blue because it will work with both black and brown shoes. It comes with a pouch so you can put them in your bag and bring them out whenever the need arises. I got mine when they went on sale for Php 2,770 as I would have never paid full price for them.

SWIMS Galoshes are available at Res Toe Run.