For the discerning menswear enthusiast like myself the retail scene here in the Philippines leaves much to be desired. Local retailers don’t have the sophisticated selection of brands that fit the aesthetic and lifestyle I want to achieve. That is why if you have been following this blog you will notice that a good number of items in my wardrobe were bought abroad mostly from online shops in the U.S. And if ever those items are available here it is probably cheaper to buy online even if you include the shipping costs.

But in the course of buying from different U.S.-based online shops I sometimes run into a few snags. The most frequent problem I encounter is they do not ship outside of the U.S. (if they do it most likely does not include the Philippines). The second is that the customer is required to have a U.S.-issued debit/credit card. However, there is a way to get around these problems, take advantage of the wide selection and lower prices in the U.S. by using Globe’s GCASH American Express Virtual Pay. It is a service that provides you with a U.S.-issued virtual card that is linked to your GCASH mobile wallet. The video below explains it in a nutshell.

GCASH American Express Virtual Pay is unique in that it has taken things a step further by partnering with My Shopping Box. It is a freight forwarding service that provides you with a personalized U.S. address where you will have your items shipped to. Once your package arrives at My Shopping Box in the U.S. they will forward your package to the Philippines and deliver it to your doorstep within 7-10 working days. My Shopping Box charges a reasonably inexpensive fee that is cheaper than shipping your items directly to the Philippines because importation taxes and duties are not charged separately.

If you are a Globe subscriber you are entitled to use their GCASH service and subsequently allows you to sign up for GCASH American Express Virtual Pay. It works whether you are a prepaid or postpaid subscriber. New customers get a one month free trial and the $25 annual fee of My Shopping Box is waived. The video below shows you how to sign-up and start shopping online.

Once you have everything setup you will need to put money into your GCASH account. This can be done by going to a Globe Wireless Center, Bancnet ATM or through an online bank transfer. All transactions are secure by using a 4-digit MPIN. For convenience there is a GCASH app that you can download on your mobile phone (free for iOS, Android and BlackBerry). If you run into any problems you can always call the GCASH hotline at 739-2882.

In my succeeding posts I will be featuring goods purchased from some of the best menswear shops in the U.S using GCASH American Express Virtual Pay.

This post is sponsored by Globe Telecom.