The combination of a diver watch and a NATO strap has been around for quite some time but it’s only now that I felt like stepping up my watch game. Black hardware is what I’m attracted to lately so I picked up an Orient Ray Raven. It’s made by Orient, a Japanese company reputed to have a more accurate automatic movement compared to Seiko. It doesn’t feel cheap for a watch that retails above PHP 9,000. I got it at a discount which makes it a much better value.

NATO straps are great but I think they’re somewhat flimsy on a watch that looks tough so I went with a ZULU which has a thicker strap. The strap is in olive drab which gives it that military feel and has PVD hardware to match the color of the watch. I got mine from NATO Nation Manila which sells it for PHP 1,000. It’s a great combination that I won’t get tired of looking at.


I got my Orient Ray Raven from Citizen Emporium in SM Manila.