I was running out of shaving cream and was in search of a new one. My trip to Hong Kong couldn’t have come at a better time as I had access to a wide variety of grooming products. I came back with this old-fashioned wet shave jelly by Portland General Store. Their products don’t have fragrance and harsh chemicals so it fits perfectly into my regimen. Notable ingredients are organic aloe juice (moisturizing properties), organic bilberry extract (anti-inflammatory properties), and witch hazel (astringent).


I love whiskey so it was the natural choice over tobacco. The masculine scent wakes you up and is a pleasure to use in the morning. Shaving with a non-foaming jelly is very different compared to a cream. I miss the luxurious feel of shaving cream but sensation aside this product delivers. It gives a close shave with an effortless glide but make sure your skin is wet and you are using fresh blades. Don’t shave too close as this doesn’t provide enough ‘cushion’ between the blades and the skin which can cause some irritation. Nonetheless my skin feels fresh and invigorated afterward.

A bottle costs HKD 180 (PHP 990 at PHP 5.5 to a HKD) and should last about 2-3 months depending on the amount and frequency of use. Available at Kapok.

Kapok is located at G/F St. Francis Yard, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Their second shop with a café is located on Sun Street behind their first location. If you’re taking the MTR, get off Wanchai station and take the A3 exit. Walk west along Johnston Road until you reach Gresson Street and go up St. Francis Street.