For the longest time the trend was to dress casually. But that trend reversed as men started to dress up again. This reversal has led to the concept of style with ease or “steez” for short if you’ve been paying attention to the #menswear movement. Its interpretation varies widely but the idea is to look casually dressed up. The photo above is what I wore to a recent civil wedding and is my interpretation of style with ease.

Soft tailoring and relaxed elegance are the key points. I’m a fan of unstructured sport coats because they can smarten up any look without looking too formal. I chose not to wear a tie so I went with a shirt that has a button-down collar (other collar styles will usually collapse under the jacket if worn without a tie).

My preference for trousers recently are those with a straight cut. They are more comfortable to wear as there is more room around the hips and thighs. As a result trousers drape better thereby achieving relaxed elegance. I also wear my trousers at the natural waist and make sure there is as little break as possible.

Double monk straps have become very popular and I jumped on the bandwagon when I got them in December of last year. They are the kind of shoes that sit right in the middle of the dress and casual spectrum so it’s easy to use them to dress up or down a look. In this case the double monk straps smarten up the look without the formality of laced shoes.

If you notice there are wrinkles here and there. For some wrinkles are a nuisance but I believe that’s an important aspect of achieving style with ease. Clothes that wrinkle look natural and nonchalant. You’re not a model in a magazine that needs to look unnaturally prim and proper so it’s okay to have wrinkles.

At ease, gentlemen.

Sport Coat by Massimo Dutti. Shirt by GANT. Chinos by Banana Republic. Shoes by Carmina.