Dockers Office-004

Dockers Office-041

This post is sponsored by Dockers

Most people don’t like Mondays because it means going back to the daily grind. But I look forward to Mondays because it means I get to dress up for work. My office is like almost any other office these days with most people dressing casually. I prefer to do the opposite by wearing dress shirts and pants. Recently I have started using Dockers’ line of iron-free dress shirts and pants. They’re perfect for the office because they hardly wrinkle allowing me to look polished throughout the day.

I like to stick to the basics with white and blue shirts then pair them with grey pants. White and blue shirts are wardrobe staples and you can’t have too many of them. Grey pants work well with brown shoes and are my preferred color of pants. When you have a basic setup like this it’s easy to add things like a tie or sport coat. A navy tie (plain or striped) is another wardrobe staple which works well with almost anything. I could also wear an unstructured sport coat if I wanted to take it up a notch.

Dockers Office-065

Dockers Office-062

Shirts by Dockers. Pants by Dockers. Tie by Raoul. Shoes by Carmina.

Photos were taken with a Canon G15. Unit was graciously provided by Dockers and Canon Marketing Philippines.