Beautiful things aren’t made overnight and are quite difficult to acquire. There isn’t a local retailer carrying the brands I am looking for so I am forced to look for a retailer abroad. When I saw that Kapok, one of my favorite Hong Kong retailers, was bringing in the Italian leather goods brand Il Bussetto I inquired if they were going to carry their line of card holders. I placed my order three months ago in January for a dark green card holder and it arrived last week. It cost me HKD 530 (approximately PHP 3,000) including shipping via FedEx.

Il Bussetto aroused my interest when I saw them featured on one those online magazines. I did a little research behind the brand and was instantly drawn to it. I’ve always been a fan of high quality leather goods that are made using artisanal techniques not found in most leather products these days.

What is unique about Il Bussetto is that they use an ancient Italian technique that allows them to make leather goods without any seams. This type of construction makes it very strong as there are no weak points. It takes a much a longer time to make as the leather is cut, drenched in water then shaped on wooden objects. They are dried for several days until they are ready to be brushed with a previously heated instrument called a bussetti and hand-painted using natural colors diluted in water and alcohol. Finally, they are waxed and buffed to a glowing shine.

Il Bussetto’s meticulous process combined with the natural imperfections of the finest Italian cuoio renders each piece unique that exudes elegance. It has a rich, vibrant color that will only get better over time as it develops its own patina thereby making it a little more personal. I look forward to using mine for many years to come.

If you are looking to purchase one get in touch with Kapok.