Sometimes you can’t control how stains end up on your clothes. I recently had a few shirts altered and one of them came back with red ink streaks on the inside. While not visible on the outside it still bothered me that tailors can be so sloppy.


Stains like this can be difficult to remove after the item has been laundered so I immediately bought a bottle of Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover. I applied it directly to the stain and rubbed it out with my fingers. After a few moments the ink streaks started to disappear. I added a little more and with a little more rubbing it was completely gone.


According to the label it can handle stains such as oil, grease, paint, make-up, grass, clay, inks, blood, baby fomula, tar, sauces, coffee, rust, betadine, tumeric, fabric bleed, and pet stains. I bet it is very effective but I’ve yet to try them on those listed above. A bottle costs PHP 295 but should last you a very long time if you are careful not to stain your clothes.

Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover is available at Sesou Nature Source.