Last month I went to Binondo to check out the textile market. I only bought two yards of black chambray for a shirt but promised myself that I would be back to buy more. I went back over the weekend and looked through pretty much every corner of the market looking for fabric. I bought quite a lot this time around for what I spent.

I’ve described the fabrics by stating their color, material and weave. I also included how much is a yard in Philippine pesos and the width of the cloth in inches.


White Cotton Twill – 75 per yard 45″

White shirts should be a staple of any man’s wardrobe so I purchased five yards that I could use to make two dress shirts. There are different variations of white and I chose the one that doesn’t make me look like a doctor. If you’ve seen the color of a doctor’s coat that is exactly what I’m talking about. Avoid it for dress shirts. The fabric is called Swiss or Lacoste cotton by sellers.


Purple Plaid Cotton Poplin – 80 per yard 45″

I chanced upon this fabric in low quantity. One side is shiny and the other is matte. I’m still not quite sure which is the right side but I might go with the matte side. It is not like any plaid fabric I’ve ever seen before and the colors look great with grey trousers. I purchased two and a half yards.


Navy Wool Gabardine – 240 per yard 60″

This is the same fabric as the suit I had commissioned. When having a suit made it is always recommended that you have two pairs of trousers made because they will be worn more often and thus wear out faster. I purchased one and a half yards so I could have another pair of trousers made.


Grey Wool Gabardine 240 per yard 60″

One of my resolutions for the new year is to stop wearing black trousers. I purchased one and a half yards so I could have this made into a pair of trousers.


Indigo Cotton Twill – 108 per yard 60″

I very much like this fabric. It is a fine cotton twill like the ones used in making chinos but dyed with indigo. The fabric is quite stiff because it is unwashed. I believe I can bring out the character of the fabric by wearing it without washing for a few months. The seller told me this fabric shrinks a bit so I will have it made slightly loose (except the waist) so it fits just right.

You can find the sellers in the buildings between Ylaya and Carmen Planas streets along C.M. Recto Avenue.