Last year I ran into Rob of Ritual at the Legazpi Market and he told me that their shaving soap is now available. I have not shaved with shaving soap before and I was eager to try it. I dropped by Ritual to check out their new products and purchased a bar of shaving soap which they playfully called ‘Ey Good looking!’ for 150 pesos.


Bea wrote down the name of the soap and the ingredients that go into the soap on a paper bag. One of the main ingredients is Kaolin clay. It is one of the purest forms of clay and is great in products used for shaving such as this soap. Aloe vera and castor oil seal in moisture and treat skin dryness. Bergamot (essential oil) adds a nice citrus scent and menthol (not listed) gives that cooling feeling while shaving.


Shaving with a soap isn’t very different than shaving with cream. Think of the soap as something that is just solid cream. After preparing my face I wet the brush and splash a little water on the soap. I build up a nice lather by brushing the soap in a circular motion. With shaving soap you should gradually add water. Too much water won’t give you a nice foam. Too little water doesn’t result in a lather building up. The right amount of water is essential.

I enjoyed the wonderful citrus scent as I applied the lather. It’s very refreshing in the morning. The cooling effect wakes your skin up and soothes it as you shave. As I finished shaving I noticed my skin is soft and moisturized. As with all of Ritual’s products, you won’t find any harmful chemicals in them

It all comes down to two questions. Can shaving soap replace shaving cream? Yes. Do I like it enough to switch? Not at this point in time. I’ll need to use it some more to be able to tell you that. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive product to enhance your shaving and make it a more pleasant experience, Ritual’s ‘Ey Good Looking!’ shaving soap comes highly recommended.

Ritual is located at The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., Makati City.