We had a great turnout at the Menswear Syndicate Meetup held two weeks ago. There were over 20 people who attended the meetup representing various styles. There were those into workwear, streetwear, high street and classic menswear. Many of the attendees had their own clothing brands notably Marvin Conanan of Chief Clothing and the trio behind Newspaper Boy Clothing. The core Menswear Syndicate team was present (that’s us in the back in the photo above) and we shared our experiences with local tailors and purchasing items from abroad. We also asked each one to share what their background was and their kind of style. It was great to see everyone talking menswear and sharing their related interests and experiences. If you are interested in joining the next meetup watch out for announcements on this blog. Special thanks goes to Purveyr for helping us get the word out, Esquire Philippines for giving away free copies of their magazine and to Victor Basa for being the official photographer.








Photos by Victor Basa