Two weeks ago I was in the market for a new facial wash. Before buying this I was using a local brand’s facial wash which I found too watery and felt didn’t contain enough ingredients to cleanse and improve my skin. I’ve been eyeing Desert Essence’s product for some time now but only decided to buy it just recently. Their Thoroughly Clean Face Wash – Original is for oily/combination skin.

I’ve used the product for the last two weeks and it cleanses my skin well. It removes just the right amount of oil without drying my skin. You only need a small amount as it lathers very well. The two ingredients that shine in this product are tea tree oil and awapuhi. The former is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties – essential in any cleansing product. The latter is known for its use in shampoos and conditioners but is also great for treating acne (I’m not acne prone but should help prevent). It doesn’t contain parabens, glycols, sodium laureth sulfate, phtalates, petroleum compounds and artificial fragrances/dyes making it very much all-natural and organic.

Desert Essence’s Thoroughly Clean Face Wash – Original is a great product to start your day & night routine. At 635 pesos for the 250 ml bottle, it should last up to six months of daily use.

Desert Essence products are available at Healthy Options.