In terms of footwear I can say I’ve covered the basics. So for my next purchase I decided that I would get a style that looks great in either a suit or jeans and everything in between. The style that I had in mind was one that you don’t see very often: the double monk strap. My decision came down to the Carmina Double Monk Strap in Calf Brown on the Inca last which is carried by The Armoury.

What drew me to the Spanish shoemaker Carmina was their elegant lasts. The Inca last is sleek yet has enough room in the toe box while hugging the heel perfectly. It comes in the EE width which accommodated my somewhat wide feet.

Carmina’s eye for detail is visible in all parts of the shoe: silvertone buckles, stitched captoe, purple leather lining, elastic top buckle allowing you to slip into them easily, and of course the Goodyear-welted leather sole. Underneath you will see pieces of metal that serves to prevent the sole from wearing down too much. And as this is a dress shoe you can see that the leather sole isn’t thick at all.

The leather Carmina used deserves praise. The French calfskin on this pair is simply beautiful. The grain is fine and they finished the leather quite well. A friend noted that it will be easy to bring this to a high gloss shine and he was right. You can see the shine I did on the captoe in the photos.

This is my very first high end shoe purchase and I absolutely love what I got. I look forward to wearing them for many years.