Last year I started slimming down my wallet in an effort to avoid back pains associated with bulky wallets and also to project a sleek appearance. Receipts and rarely used cards were out. I only kept cash and a few cards I frequently used. This worked for a while until I realized that the wallet I was using would never become more slim than it currently was because it was never built that way. I searched online and found the Slim Sleeve Wallet by Bellroy, a maker of wallets based in Australia. Back then a new wallet wasn’t that high on my list of things to acquire so I passed on it. Fast forward to March and after a short trip to Singapore I purchased the item at Cumulus.

Cumulus is a shop that retails luggage, bags and accessories from a few brands and is the only physical store outside of Australia carrying Bellroy products. This was an opportunity not to be missed as I’ve always liked to see and feel the goods in person rather than buying based on a few well-taken photos. The Slim Sleeve Wallet is available in two colors: tan and black. I chose tan as black is quite common and sometimes a bit boring. The leather Bellroy uses are vegetable tanned – a tanning technique that avoids the toxins associated with chrome tanning. They are also dyed semi-aniline which will make the leather age more gracefully. Finally, the leather is much thinner than most wallets out there – a key ingredient in creating a slim wallet.

Buying a Bellroy product is kind of like buying an Apple product. A lot of attention has been given to the packaging. What follows is an unboxing.

The Bellroy logo embossed on the front.


And here’s the back of the packaging.

P1050935 EDIT

Opening the flap reveals this.

P1050955 EDIT

The product itself.


Inside view of the wallet.


Pulling the tab reveals instructions on how to use it.


And finally the wallet filled with cash and cards.


My most frequently used cards are my MRT and ATM cards so they go into the quick access slots. My company ID and building access card go into the area with the pull tab. Cash is folded once horizontally and goes into remaining area.

I’ve used the wallet for two days now and I very much like using it so far. I like how I can slip it in the chest pocket of my shirts. And the slim profile of the wallet forces me to avoid stuffing my wallet with a lot of membership/loyalty cards and receipts.

The Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet achieves what it set out to do in a stylish and eco-friendly way. The perfect slim wallet has arrived.

Bellroy products are available at Cumulus. The shop is located at Wheelock Place on the corner of Paterson Road and Orchard Boulevard, Singapore.