Anderson's Braided Belt-3

This is part of a series that features items bought from the U.S. using Globe’s GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and shipped to the Philippines using the freight forwarding service My Shopping Box. For more information click here.

There were plenty of great deals last Black Friday and I made sure that I took part in it because of the big discounts. I’ve been on the lookout for braided belts and saw that the Chicago-based retailer Haberdash discounted their Anderson’s braided leather belts to USD 99 from USD 175. Anderson’s is one of the best makers of braided leather belts using beautiful vegetable-tanned leathers handmade entirely in Italy. What made the deal sweeter was a discount code for sale items that knocked 25% off the price tag and brought the price down to USD 74.25. I bought one in dark blue and it’s a fantastic deal for the quality you get. I paid using GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and dispatched two days later to My Shopping Box. It took longer to arrive this time around but it was understandable due to the large number of packages being shipped during the holiday season.

The vegetable-tanned leather used is beautiful with gentle color variations and brushed effects. The leather is tight and does not stretch as much unlike belts that use lower quality leather. For sizing the rule of thumb for Anderson’s and similar brands is to go up two sizes. I wear a size 34 on my trousers so I bought a 38. What’s good about braided leather belts is there are more increments compared to a belt with five holes allowing for more degrees of fastening. The finish of the leather lets it age gently over time which will only make it look more interesting after many years of wear. Braided leather belts are great for jazzing up casual outfits and this one by Anderson’s does that very well.