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If there was only a single store in my neighborhood it would have to be Kaufmann Mercantile. Founded by Sebastian Kaufmann in 2009, the store offers a line of carefully selected products known for their functionality and aesthetics. Their selection of products call to mind a general store in a small town yet updated for people living in the city and a modern lifestyle.

When they got in touch with me I was very excited as it is one of those online stores with a product selection I deeply admire offering goods that are hard to find in the U.S and elsewhere. They are also very keen on educating people through their blog that features interviews with artists and designers.

They asked me to review a few products the first one being a whiskey aftershave by the Portland General Store. This brand offers a great line of grooming products and have previously reviewed their old-fashioned whiskey wet shave jelly. The second item is a shaving soap by Herban Lifestyle. All products are handcrafted using natural and organic ingredients which is a big plus in my book.

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I love whiskey so I definitely liked the scent of this aftershave splash. It’s mild and great for waking up the senses in the morning. It feels soothing and refreshing on the skin because of its aloe vera and sea kelp extracts. It doesn’t have any alcohol so it does not sting when applied and therefore also does not dry the skin. Highly recommended.

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I’m used to using a shaving cream and the shaving soap by Herban Lifestyle is so similar in consistency you can hardly tell the difference. Kaolin clay and vegetable glycerine are the main ingredients that give it that thick, creamy consistency. However, that’s where the similarity to shaving cream ends. It feels great on the skin but I felt a little tugging on the hairs while shaving even when I added more water and made sure that my face was thoroughly wet. Maybe it was my twin blade razor when the lather collects in between the blades but I’m not sure either. Sometimes I get a good shave, sometimes I don’t. It’s hard to say as there are many variables when it comes to shaving including the condition of the skin. The Herban Lifestyle shaving soap is a good product and probably the best shave soap I have used so far but I find that I get inconsistent results when shaving. Recommended with reservations.

When Kaufmann Mercantile offered me to try their products I told them to ship the items to Johnny Air Cargo in New York City. Johnny Air Cargo then shipped the items to Manila and was ready to be picked up in 5 days. If you live in the Philippines and would like to buy products from Kaufmann Mercantile I highly recommend shipping through Johnny Air Cargo.

Correction (3/14/2013): Kaufmann Mercantile does not have a brick-and-mortar store in Brooklyn, New York. Statement has been omitted.