How Fashion Editors Stay Ahead Of The Game (Esquire UK)
“After a couple of years, I caught on to his trick. The designers show their ideas on the catwalks a year before the clothes actually hit the stores, and so all fashion editors and store buyers see the new trends a sneaky 12 months before everyone else. And that’s how we get to pretend we’re more fashionable and clued up than we actually are. And so, in the spirit of good will – which I like to think makes me the Baby Jesus of the fashion world – I’m going to tell you what’s coming your way next summer that you could start investing in right away. It’s a sort of style Wikileaks (which makes me more Julian Assange than Baby Jesus, unfortunately).”

The Pleasures of Vintage (A Suitable Wardrobe)
“Recently a certain expensive tie brand has come to the attention of the blaggerocracy offering the novelty of new ties made out of vintage tie fabrics. Unfortunately, the vintage tie patterns involved appear to be the ones we would have flipped through and left hanging in our fathers’ closets years ago. I can understand that in classic clothing, the old has a cachet that can’t easily be explained rationally. Things made in the old manner, such as with ancient madder dyeing or hand block printing, or with old-style materials, like Geelong lambswool, strike a chord with those of us who still half-believe in some lost Arcadia of quality. However, rather than pay a top-drawer new tie price for the supposed glories of the old, I suggest investing, judiciously, in the pleasures of vintage.”

Eight Ways To Look Fresh For The Office (Mr. Porter)
“While we would never want you to become an anti-ageing obsessive, there is something to be said for a bit of undercover preservation. After all, if you are going to spend a sizeable chunk of your time and income on dressing well, you might as well keep everything else looking good too. Not only that, looking your best has become an integral part of keeping a firm grip on the career ladder. The good news is that no matter how fortunately or unfortunately you may think you are ageing, there’s always something that can be done to make the most of what’s left. With this in mind, we highlight above a few steps to help any man give Old Mother Time a run for her money.”

Eyebrow Taming (Niven & Joshua)
“Most of the time eyebrows come in pairs – with a little polite distance separating them. Occasionally, however, they’re inclined to get a little too chummy and the result is the dreaded mono or unibrow. Everyone from Eric Cantona and Josh Harnett to Liam Gallagher and Nicholas Cage has suffered and they’re especially noticeable if you’ve thick or dark brow hair. Thankfully, there are several ways you can deal with the dreaded mono.”