Hello, ‘Mansome’ (Wall Street Journal)
“In the era of the so-called metrosexual, there’s more room for male vanity. “What this film confirmed for me was that men are not allergic to the mirror at all,” said Mr. Bateman, who served as the film’s executive producer with Mr. Arnett. “We want to be as pretty as the females. Body-hair removal, facial and scalp hair manipulation, skin care—men basically do the same things, but are more secretive about them.””

Talking to The Armoury About Trousers (Put This On)
“In general, Mark recommends a flat front or single pleat for men with flat seats, and flat fronts, single pleats, or even double pleats for those with rounder ones. As the number of pleats increases, the fullness of the legs should also increase in order to maintain a balance.”

Singapore Artisans: Vanda Fine Clothing (The Rake)
“Gerald Shen and Diana Chan, then, are two fine folks to open this series with. As the co-founders, artisans, and masterminds behind classic menswear accessory label Vanda Fine Clothing, the pair have devoted their craft towards the creation of some of the finest goods that rival – if not outclass – other older, more established ateliers.”

How a Kiton shirt is made (The Rake)
“Only two things in the making of the shirt are done by sewing machine. These are the outer edges of the collars and cuffs (so as to present a cleaner, sharper line at the neck and wrist) and the side seams up the body and sleeves (to be stronger).”