Manning Up in the Heat (The New York Times)
“Most guys have their tricks and tactics. Some say socks; some say nix. Some swear by the virtue of an undershirt for keeping a dress shirt relatively dry; others contend that an extra layer just creates more heat and discomfort, not to mention a moisture trap that never dries.”

The Process of Creating a Sunspel Sea Island Cotton T-Shirt (FREE / MAN)
“Storied English label Sunspel has allowed us a look into the steps involved in the creation of a T-shirt made with cotton sourced from the Sea Islands, woven in Switzerland and constructed in England. Incorporating extra long staple cotton from one of the original Caribbean Sea Islands – Montserrat – the completion of each garment demands a startling amount of individual processes, with a truly superior product as the result; spoken of as “softer than cashmere.” Each shirt requires 15 individual processes and 9 people to create from start to finish.”

George Cleverley (Mr. Porter)
“The classic style of George Cleverley shoes reflects the company’s extraordinary roll call of clients, past and present. The company makes elegant but masculine English shoes designed for strolling across the pavements of Mayfair, the polished floors of gentleman’s clubs (White’s for the seniors, 5 Hertford Street for younger customers) and the antique rugs of country houses. Of course they’re also to be found on New York’s Upper East Side, and in Tokyo’s better restaurants. The dress shoes are made to be worn with beautifully tailored suits, English shirts and hand-stitched silk ties – although the brown suede shoes, inspired by the casual nature of British country life, work just as well with cords and blue jeans. The shoes represent a sophisticated expression of Britain’s traditionally understated approach to style.”

Fashion Dictator on Flip-Flops (Esquire UK)
“So, what’s my point, I hear you cry? Location appropriate footwear, that’s what. If you fancy a long walk this weekend, don’t wear flip flops – silly, impractical, dangerous and what’s more they’ll play havoc with your mani-pedi.”

A Conversation with… Antonio Liverano (The Bespoke Dudes)
“Today Liverano is a reference point for Florentine tailoring in the world: he can tout a private collection of vintage fabrics, even wider of Loro Piana’s one and has customers in Tokyo (where he is present with a corner also at United Arrows), Hong Kong (at The Armoury) and in Seoul. Antonio loves to define himself as a tailor-entrepreneur: not only mere manual executor of a suit, but also keeper of an Italian taste, freely passed on his regular customers, by recommending combinations, but also fabrics, colours and the most adequate cuts. Antonio deems necessary to educate the customer to the suit and – regarding the expensiveness of the sartoria today – he recommends to save money for just one suit per year, in order to have ten suits in ten years, that will last forever.”

Wearing Suit Jackets and Pants as Separates (Broke and Bespoke)
“There are a number of ways I generally go about achieving this kind of versatility, and construction and fabric are key. Since an odd jacket and trousers is by its nature a less formal look than a full suit, it logically follows that choosing your suit in a more casual fabric—one that could be used to make either a sport coat or trousers—is a good starting point.”