Bespoke Italian Tailoring From Japan (Wall Street Journal)
“There are a handful of young Japanese like Ciccio, all under 40, who have aggressively pursued their passion for fine tailoring to the point of apprenticing thousands of miles away at sartorias in Naples, sometimes for years, before returning to Japan to craft handmade suits in that southern Italian city’s signature style.”

Field Guide to Field Jackets (Put This On)
“In the last couple weeks at Put This On we’ve set up midcentury utility- and sportswear as ideal for easy, versatile, and durable casual clothing—check out Jesse’s take on the gray sweatshirt and Derek’s post on Levi’s 1947 model 501s. I didn’t want to leave out the third pillar of a wardrobe based on repurposed gear: military surplus. Specifically, jackets. I’m focusing today on non-leather jackets; I’ll get to leathers later this week.”

Russian Reindeer Hides (A Suitable Wardrobe)
“To judge from its recurrence in online discussion, today’s readers might think that Russian reindeer is far more popular and widespread than it really is.  Following the rehabilitation of the first piece of Russian reindeer in the 1980s, it’s been used in briefcases and gun cases, wallets, dog collars and fishing reel covers, belts, watch straps and even, for a time, furniture making.  One enterprising internet forum denizen even came up with the idea of using scraps of it in cufflinks, for those who wish for some talisman of the mythos without incurring greater expense.”

Five Ways To Wear: The Navy Suit (Mr. Porter)
“At MR PORTER, we have a policy of avoiding the clichéd phrase “must-have”. But having said that, if there is one item that every man should own, it is without a doubt the suit. The purchase of your first suit is a pivotal moment, your entry to adulthood – and although many office dress codes no longer require you to wear one to work, it remains the ultimate sartorial investment.”

At Berluti, Antoine Arnault Puts Business Before Pleasure (T Magazine)
“His forthright and less formal approach to business has won over those who work with him at Berluti. Though his core business is shoes, Antoine often walks around the Berluti headquarters — which he designed — in his stocking feet, which explains the office’s thick carpeting. He rarely wears a tie, saving them for major meetings with his father.”

The Everything Guide to Man-Clothes Shopping (New York Magazine)
“Observe the guys walking down Madison and Bedford Avenues, and it’s clear that something’s happened since Don Draper first appeared in his close-fitting flannel two-button: Men who aren’t necessarily Suits are wearing suits—and an array of layered, accessorized, decidedly non-zhlubby looks. Since last year, sales of luxury menswear in the U.S. rose 14 percent, according to Bain & Company, double that of womenswear. Not surprising, then, is the glut of guy-centric emporiums that have emerged in the wake of trailblazing multi-brand boutiques like Odin, Goose Barnacle, Nepenthes, and the Brooklyn Circus, as well as J.Crew’s men’s shops. Here, a tour through the newest stores, a look at what it takes to open a men’s boutique circa 2013, and advice from local bloggers on where to bargain-hunt for boxer-briefs.”