How to Dress Like Don Draper of ‘Mad Men’ (Wall Street Journal)
“It’s all about finding a suit that is well fitted to their shape. Flat-front trousers, narrow legs. Finding a suit with a narrow collar and lapel is really important. That is the classic “Mad Men” style. It’s all about the skinny suit. For a complete look, I love the classic white shirt with the French cuffs. Cuff links are such an important part of that period. You can really express your individual character through accessories, whether it be a collar bar, or a tie tack or tie bar or cuff links. For Don Draper, I had these belt buckles made with his initials. It has his monogram in very simple script.”

First Look at Brooks Brothers’ ‘Gatsby’ (Women’s Wear Daily)
“It was this most basic and fundamental connection that has made our collaboration so authentic,” she said. “Brooks Brothers is mentioned several times in Fitzgerald’s writings as a representation of the ultimate gentleman’s purveyor of fine clothing to the American man of distinction.”

Get your shirts altered (Permanent Style)
“Still, more changes are possible than many people think. Shirt sleeves can of course be shortened – you just take off the cuff, cut down the sleeve and reattach (this can even be done from the shoulder if you want to retain the length of the placket). But sleeves with double cuffs can also be lengthened slightly. Depending on the make, there is at least half an inch of inlay in there, which can be sufficient to give you that crucial exposure of cuff at the end of a jacket’s sleeve.”

On Warm Weather Jacket Linings (A Suitable Wardrobe)
“Not all tailors will make quarter or buggy lined jackets because to do so takes more time, moves them out of their comfort zone, or both. Less lining takes more time because one of lining’s roles is to cover the seams, which take considerably more effort to make neatly. It is second nature for the Italians, with their warmer climate, but quite a bit harder to get from other tailors. And I have tried.”

The craft of General Eyewear (Style Salvage)
“Eyewear has gone from being a specialised niche product to being almost tediously ubiquitous – every brand and every designer has an eyewear collection. And this has, with other factors,  led to a general flattening out of what’s on offer.  Even vintage eyewear has become a mini-industry in its own right.  However General Eyewear tries to concentrate on developing our own distinctive values and ideas without paying too much attention to what anyone else is doing.”