Leading Mannequins: How a Stylist Dresses Hollywood Stars (GQ US)
“Before Miles ducks out, the suit must be tailored. Ilaria orbits him, pinning and tucking and swatting his hand when he fidgets. The scene has a Madonna-with-child kind of ritual sweetness about it—the custodial female preparing a helpless young man for the world. When the actor first arrived, he was dressed like a fog bank, in head-to-toe gray. Now he looks worthy of a commemorative coin. Ilaria finishes and steps away once more, arms folded across her chest. The thesis of her stance is clear: This, she’s saying, is why a man needs a stylist.”

When Men Wear Jewellery (More Intelligent Life)
“On the internet, you’ll find many websites offering advice on what kinds of jewellery men should wear. But there’s often a contradiction between the underlying message—that a man should feel comfortable enough in himself to wear whatever he wants—and the specific advice (“a ring or bracelet can give your image a positive boost”). If a man isn’t confident in himself, his image won’t get much of a boost from a ring, a bracelet, or even both. And if he is confident in himself, he may even get away with the things those websites abjure, as when one of them warns: “Don’t wear yellow gold with a red ruby and a blue suit: you’ll look like a clown.””

How to Tell if a Shirt Is Well-Made (Put This On)
“Whether you have something custom-made or buy ready-to-wear, it’s useful to know how to examine the quality of a shirt. How can you tell if a shirt is well-made?”

Looking after ties (Permanent Style)
“The answer on ties is pretty simple. Most ties should be stored hanging up, so that the day’s wrinkles fall out of them. The only exception is knitted or heavy woven ties, which can stretch if hung up – they should be rolled.”