The last time I bought new pairs of dress socks was back in April. It’s been almost a year now so it was about time to restock. My choice this time around was Viccel. They’re based in Turkey and are very reasonably priced for what they offer. I bought two pairs of grey and two pairs of navy for a total of four socks. Each pair is priced at USD 8.81. I ordered them mid-calf in the summer weight variety.

The thinness of the summer weight is just right which makes my feet breathe. They aren’t too thin which I would expect from their superfine variety. They don’t become soggy from sweat as with most thicker socks. They are made of Pima cotton known for their softness and are mercerized to give that sheen and silky feel.


The grey socks I ordered were lighter than I expected but then I thinkt the charcoal ones would be too dark. The navy matches my navy trousers perfectly.


The seamless or handlinked toes are also a nice touch that gives them a smooth finish at the area around the toes.


I ordered a size 44-45 which is my dress shoe size and they fit perfectly. It’s better to order them in the exact size rather than sizing down as others have suggested. The elastic band also holds up pretty well throughout the day.


The order process was quick and I paid using PayPal. After I received a confirmation that my payment was received I inquired if I could have an express delivery option. The person handling the orders, Kemal Onyurt, gave me an option to ship via TNT Express which costs USD 10. I didn’t mind as I’d be receiving them within a few days rather than 15-20 working days for registered mail. If you don’t mind paying more for peace of mind and so you can use your socks sooner choose express delivery.

Viccel offers great value for money dress socks and stellar customer service. They come highly recommended.