When the perfect shave has been achieved what else is there to add to a man’s skincare kit? There are quite a few starting with the spot corrector, lip balm and hand cream.

Spot Corrector


Whenever a pimple appears I like to reach for a spot corrector. My choice is Nature’s Gate Extra Strength Spot Corrector. A small amount quickly takes care of the redness and after two or three applications the pimple is gone. Useful for pimples that appear near the surface of the skin. It’s best applied twice a day after your morning shower and before going to bed at night. Did I mention that it works great on bumps caused by in-grown hair?

PHP 315 at Healthy Options.

Lip Balm


No matter how much we properly hydrate ourselves sometimes chapped lips are unavoidable. Both the heat of the summer and too much airconditioning make it worse. It’s always good to have a lip balm with sun protection factor (SPF) handy. I like Alba Botanica’s Un-Petroleum line of lip balms because they aren’t made with ingredients derived from petroleum such as petroleum jelly. They are made with all-natural ingredients including the flavor. Sure it’s not manly to bring around a lip balm but you simply don’t want to be caught off guard kissing with chapped lips.

PHP 99 at Healthy Options.

Hand Cream


Throughout the day we get our hands dirty and end up washing them multiple times. Sometimes we apply alcohol or hand sanitizers to clean them quickly. Despite the so called moisturizers in them our hands become dry. My daily go-to is Messy Bessy’s Vanilla Lite Hand Cream. It has a light vanilla scent and gets easily absorbed by the skin without feeling greasy. It’s made with all-natural ingredients like coconut oil-derived moisturizers and aloe vera extract. Trust me when I say your significant other will love holding your hands more often.

PHP 230 for 250ml at Sesou Nature Source or Beauty Bar.