A week or two has passed since you visited your tailor and had your suit made. Now it’s time to come back and have your suit fitted for the first time. There’s no science to it but you need a good eye to know if something isn’t right. I will start with the coat first then move on to the trousers starting from the top to the bottom of each.


Collar – The coat collar should hug and show about half an inch of your shirt collar.

Shoulders – The coat should sit properly on your shoulders. There should be no mountains.

Chest – It should not be tight around the chest.

Waist – If you didn’t tell the tailor you wanted to have a more defined waist say it now.

Sleeves – It should be slim but allow movement. Flex your arms if necessary. It should cover your wristbone but not any further.


Natural Waist – When fitting your trousers make sure they sit on your natural waist.

Buttocks – There should be enough room around your buttocks for your shirt to be tucked in.

Thighs – There should be enough room around your thighs when sitting down. Also enough space for items in your pockets.

Knees Down – It should be slim but allow movement. Flex your legs if necessary. Leg opening should be between 7.5″ to 8.5″ depending on your preference.

Break – This is a personal preference. I like mine with very minimal break to show my shoes yet hide the socks or only show a sliver of it.

Make sure your tailor takes down your comments and set a date to pick up your finished suit. A second fitting is optional if you want to make sure your tailor got everything right.

Closing Words

I hope this series has been and will be of great use to those who will be having a suit made. Know that this is only the beginning if you intend to take suits more seriously. If you are not too happy with the suit your tailor made, believe me, you’re not alone. Unless you intend to spend more for a more competent tailor the outcome, as I’ve said in the beginning, is mediocre at best. But for something under PHP 8,000 you can’t really complain.

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