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The most frequent questions I get from readers pertain to having a suit made. The tailors here in the Philippines do bespoke but don’t deserve to be called such as they do not perform the kind of tailoring done by the likes of those found on Savile Row in London. Although the quality of tailoring is mediocre at best it meets the needs of many for a basic suit without breaking the bank. This guide is intended for those having a suit made for the first time or those looking to get it right the second time around.

Before one begins selecting fabric and visiting the tailor it is good to have an idea of what suit you want to end up with in terms of its features. I will discuss each part without going into too much detail.


For social events such as weddings that are not black tie a navy suit is recommended. The richness of navy is perfect for the level of formality required in a wedding.

For business functions that are held during the day a grey suit is recommended. A dark suit would make one look too formal thus grey is the right color for conducting business.


Two buttons are the most flattering as the “V” it creates accentuates the chest. Four buttons on the jacket sleeves.

Button Color

To be on the safe side I would recommend buttons in the same color as the suit. Personally, I choose dark brown buttons.


Go with three-inch wide notch lapels preferably with a gorge located right above the collarbones. A high gorge does not interrupt the visual appearance of the lapels and gives the suit a modern look.


If you have square shoulders use minimal padding. If you have sloping shoulders more padding might be necessary.


A breast pocket and two hip pockets with flaps. Nothing more, nothing less.


Two vents make it easier to reach into one’s pockets without exposing your shirt.


Flat fronts but consider pleats if you have some girth. Make sure it sits on your natural waist which is right below your belly button.

Overall Fit

It should be slim without being tight. The jacket should cover your bottom. Sleeves should cover the top of your wristbone but should show a sliver of shirt cuff.

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