Two months ago Shaya Green of Exquisite Trimmings got in touch and offered me to try his wares. Exquisite Trimmings is relatively new to the menswear retail scene but I was delighted that it carries some very well-known brands of neckties, pocket squares, socks and cufflinks. Since I am a big fan of silk knit ties and lately the color green I chose the forest green with yellow handsewn spots from Rubinacci. Rubinacci is known throughout the menswear scene as one of the finest Neapolitan tailors and their silk knit ties certainly live up to their name. The color is rich and the silk crunchy as one would expect from a high quality silk knit tie.

The tie arrived approximately four weeks after Shaya sent them to me. Based on experience four weeks is quite good as it can sometimes take up to eight weeks to arrive. The tie was enclosed in plastic and wrapped in paper when I opened the envelope. Shaya always marks items with a low value so buyers will not have any problems with customs which is a big plus in my book. Shipping is free for orders over GBP 50 and are shipped with a tracking number with an option for courier service if required. But by far the biggest reason to buy from Exquisite Trimmings is that there is no VAT if you are buying outside of the UK unlike some other retailers. If you have any questions there is the option to do a live chat on the website or you can always send an email. Shaya has always been gracious in answering my questions.



If you are interested in purchasing items from Exquisite Trimmings use code EX10 to get 10% off.