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A month has passed since I started with my popover and it is finally finished. I came in for a second fitting to make sure that problems such as bunching of the cloth behind the neck and the roomy sleeves were corrected. The length is also right in that it is not too long nor short and can be worn tucked in or not. The back looks roomy in the photos but it actually fits well underneath a sport coat.

The first impression I got after putting it on is that it fits perfectly. The amount of slack across the chest, shoulders and lower back is just right. One of the tests I do when having a shirt made is to sit down while the shirt is tucked in. The shirt didn’t pull itself out and to me that is a sign of a good fit. If you look closely the back has been expertly cut to have the right balance between being close to the body yet does not restrict movement. And this is without the use of darts.

I have only one quibble and that is with regards to the collar. I would have preferred a slightly wider spread but it doesn’t really matter because I will be using it unbuttoned most of the time. In the photos the collar stands up right because it was pressed and it has collar stays in them. But if you remove the collar stays and use them with minimal pressing they’ll look soft and casual. Overall, I’m very happy with Abdul’s work and I look forward to having more shirts made by him.

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Photos by Abdul