Polo Ralph Lauren Silk Knit Ties-003

This is part of a series that features items bought from the U.S. using Globe’s GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and shipped to the Philippines using the freight forwarding service My Shopping Box. For more information click here.

eBay is one of the largest marketplaces on the internet for menswear. However, many U.S.-based sellers don’t ship to the Philippines. This is a huge problem because it prevents people based in the Philippines from buying from many U.S.-based sellers on eBay. And even if they ship to the Philippines sometimes the items don’t reach the buyer for unknown reasons. So how do you solve a problem like this? By using GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and a freight forwarding service like My Shopping Box. The former allows me to buy from sellers that don’t ship to the Philippines and the latter ensures that my items don’t get lost during transit.

I love silk knit ties and there are many of them being sold on eBay by U.S.-based sellers. While looking around eBay I saw these silk knit ties by Polo Ralph Lauren for only $35 a piece. I don’t know how the seller is selling it for $35 as these usually retail for $85 on the Ralph Lauren online shop and can only go so low with discount codes. I bought two silk knit ties from a seller who is based in New York: 1) Navy with yellow stripes; and 2) navy and forest green with yellow stripes.

When I bought the ties on eBay I was asked to pay via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account in order to pay). I paid using GCASH American Express Virtual Pay which is a virtual card issued in the U.S. This allows me to ship to a U.S. address which in this case will be My Shopping Box in California. Items like silk knit ties are small and lightweight so the sellers often include free shipping with the purchase. Two days later the ties arrived at My Shopping Box which I then authorised to be shipped to the Philippines. The chargeable weight is a minimum of 1 lb so I paid My Shopping Box $5.81 for the two ties. That brings the total cost of purchasing the two silk knit ties to $75.81 which is a very good deal if you ask me. Two weeks later they were delivered to my office.

The ties are on the narrow side measuring 2.25″ across. The grains are larger and somewhat rougher than most silk knit ties. Not necessarily a bad thing if you’re looking for something that’s more casual and works well with Oxford cloth button down (OCBD) shirts. They are made in Italy so you can be assured that the quality is the same as other brands that sell their versions for a much higher price.  This was definitely a worthwhile purchase and I’m sure to be looking out for some more deals on eBay.

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