Left – Brooks Brothers, Right – Sorley

I expanded my collection of silk knit ties and got two (green and orange) from Brooks Brothers that were on sale. I immediately noticed the differences between the Sorley silk knit tie I picked up from The Armoury.

The ones from Brooks Brothers are noticeably thinner & lighter (made with less silk) and the grains are smaller (a tighter weave that makes them less spring-y). You get more out of a higher quality product and that is clearly reflected in its price. The Sorley’s are a little less than twice the retail price of Brooks Brothers ($80, discounted to $40). I’m glad I got them on sale because I wouldn’t pay full retail.

So what should you look for when buying silk knit ties? Don’t go any slimmer than 2.25″ in width (Brooks Brothers at 2.25″, Sorley at 2.5″) because it looks weird, at least to me. Look for larger grains in a loose weave that signify it was made with more silk and that it springs back when pulled from one end. The colors should also look vibrant. It’s hard to illustrate these things but you’ll know what I mean when you’ve picked one up.