Land's End Knit Tie-009

This is part of a series that features items bought from the U.S. using Globe’s GCASH American Express Virtual Pay and shipped to the Philippines using the freight forwarding service My Shopping Box. For more information click here.

It’s no secret that I love silk knit ties. I currently have four in my possession and always on the lookout for more. I wanted to add more variety to collection and stripes seemed like the way to go having two plain and two with handsewn spots. This is when I chanced upon Land’s End’s stripe silk knit ties that were on sale for $39.99 (from $59.99). Land’s End is one of the largest clothing retailers in the U.S. offering relatively affordable pieces that frequently go on sale. I asked my friend if they were any good and it turns out they are and also approved by the readers at StyleForum.

I decided to buy one using GCASH American Express Virtual Pay. For the price I paid and the shipping costs it was a bargain. More so that I couldn’t find a similar tie here in the Philippines. Buying it was quick and easy. Within a few days my tie was delivered to my My Shopping Box in California. I authorized the shipment and after a few more days it was delivered to my doorstep.

The first thing I noticed with Land’s End’s silk knit tie is that they are thicker and heavier than your average silk knit tie. The grains also seem to be more tightly knit than usual. As a result it needs to be tied loosely and it makes a large knot using a four-in-hand. The colors on the tie are rich and vibrant which is not what I expected from a tie that is sold at a low price. The silk is crunchy and you will hear it rather loudly when knotting it. At $39.99 (Php ~1,747.96) you get a good quality silk knit tie that’s up there in the value equation. If you don’t mind a slightly thicker and heavier tie Land’s End’s stripe silk knit tie is a great addition to any man’s wardrobe.

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Land's End Knit Tie-013Shirt by Massimo Dutti.