Imperial Classic Pomade-005

When one hears of the word “pomade” it probably reminds them of what their dads used on their hair. Pomade has a reputation of being greasy and hard to remove because the base ingredient is usually either animal fat, petroleum jelly or beeswax.  However, that notion has changed when I discovered the water-based Classic Pomade by Imperial Barber Products.

The highly experienced team behind Imperial Barber Products spent two and a half years perfecting the Classic Pomade and the result is nothing short of impressive. The product is water-based but there’s not much water in it. The consistency is similar to wax; slightly harder yet it does not feel like putty. And that’s a good thing because it’s easy to spread on the hands. You also don’t need to use a lot of product to style your hair and you can always add more to achieve the strongest possible hold.

The product is easy to apply on damp hair and comb into the desired style. Once the water dries up the hair doesn’t become hard unlike gels. It also doesn’t make your head and face greasy over the course of the day unlike waxes. It’s a product that combines the hold of gel and the styling ease of wax yet without the disadvantages of either of them. If you need to restyle it’s easy to reactivate with a little water. And the best part is that it rinses off easily. I couldn’t ask any more from a hair styling product.

I got mine at Tuckshop and Sundry Supplies while on a trip to Singapore. If you’re interested in buying you can see Imperial Barber Products’ list of retailers or you can order from their online store.

Imperial Classic Pomade-018