Before I get to my main message I need to get something off my chest. I’m used to hearing long or short sleeved shirts being called polo shirts here in the Philippines when in fact they aren’t. This is how a polo shirt looks like and should not be confused with anything else. Now that I’ve cleared that up I can get to the point.

Polo shirts are best worn with a fit that hugs the body but should not constrict movement in any way. One shouldn’t worry that they are too close to the skin as the fabric often used is piqué cotton which is highly breathable. As with all shirts make sure the shoulder seams hang on your shoulders. It’s also best that the sleeves end far away from your elbows. Keep it trim and you’ll be fine. You simply don’t want to be mistaken wearing your dad’s golf shirts.

Once you’ve found a brand that fits you well buy two or even three pieces. GANT’s polo shirts are a good starting point where their standard offering fits slim with an even slimmer fit available.