Gentleman's Tonic Shaving Cream

In the last two months I’ve switched to using Gentleman’s Tonic Traditional Shave Cream. It’s probably the best shave cream I have used so far. The ingredients it uses are similar to other high quality shave creams. It has coconut acid and glycerin which provides moisturizing properties. It has two ingredients that make it stand out from the rest: Babassu Oil helps protect the skin from drying out during the shaving process and Manuka Honey repairs, moisturizes and fights bacteria. The latter also has lactic acid which helps remove dead skin cells.

The cream’s consistency is the first thing you will notice. Others that I have used are thick and somewhat hard such as Acca Kappa’s Almond Shaving Cream. Others are light and soft such as eShave’s Shave Cream. I like Gentlemen’s Tonic Traditional Shave Cream because the cream’s consistency is thick but soft. It is easy to turn into a rich and creamy lather by slowly adding water. And even when you think you’ve put too much water the lather is still quite good.

One of the most important things I look for in a shaving cream is the amount of cushion it provides between the skin and the blades. Too much cushion and you will not get a close shave. Too little would result in getting razor burns. Gentleman’s Tonic Traditional Shave Cream provides a close shave yet has enough cushion to prevent razor burns. The blades glide smoothly and I did not get any irritation while using it. The cream leaves the skin healthy and moisturized. And I love the scent of bergamot that it leaves behind.

I got my jar from Gentleman’s Tonic in Hong Kong. It is also available through their online store and through Amazon.