Those who have been following this blog would notice that grooming has taken a back seat. In the last year I have used a very good cream: Acca Kappa Almond Shaving Cream. As for my shaving brush I’ve stuck with a boar hair brush and I thought it was high time I upgrade my shaving routine by getting a badger hair brush. After doing some research and assessing how much I would spend for a shaving brush I decided to get the Edwin Jagger Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush.


Best badger hair is somewhat in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to badger hair grades. Pure badger hair is a bit unrefined whereas Silvertip is a little too delicate. When it comes down to price-to-quality ratio best badger hair shaving brushes give the best bang for the buck.

Since this is my first time to use a shaving brush made of badger hair I knew I had to approach it differently. Unlike boar hair, badger hair soaks up the water like a sponge. And since it soaks up a lot of water than usual this means that I had to be a little more generous in using cream as a lot of it would be absorbed by the brush.

On your face is where this brush shines. Badger hair is finer and softer compared to boar hair so it feels luxurious. It gently raises up the hair and mildly exfoliates your skin. After a single shave with this brush I don’t think I could ever back to using a boar hair brush again. I sort of hate myself for taking this long to use a badger hair brush. A brush is a one-time investment that should last for years so I should have gotten one earlier.

For those looking to take their shaving routine to the next level I highly recommend this shaving brush.