I was approached by Timmy Ang of These People Podcast to talk about menswear, this blog and Manifesto amongst other things. We recorded our conversation together and it is available for download here. If you have 44 minutes to spare I highly recommend listening to it. You will be surprised that I talk candidly and put things bluntly. But if you don’t here is a summary in eight points:

1. There’s nothing wrong with elitism. Embrace high-end. Clothes should reflect your status in life. You can’t keep wearing fast fashion.

2. Experiment with cheap clothing. When you’ve found your style start investing in quality pieces.

3. I’m not into designer clothing because I find the price you’re paying for design is too high. Of course there are exceptions.

4. For those who still don’t know my style I can sum it up as “Italian gentleman”.

5. I truly want men in the Philippines to dress better. Men can do better than wear Fred Perry polo shirts and Onitsuka sneakers.

6. On comments: It’s my house and you don’t get to shit in my house. It’s not a democracy. If you like what I write you can stay and if you don’t you can leave.

7. I don’t plan to start a line of clothes or accessories.

8. If a brand doesn’t speak to me I turn them down without hesitation.

Thank you, Timmy, for giving me this opportunity.